Reflective space, or the merits of social detachment (Michael+ as Google-)

Something struck me just a moment ago as I was furiously scrambling between tabs and Google Analytics to check usage of one of the umpteen sites I seem to be writing for (mostly blogs, etc.). Part of this are the blurred lines between my professional and personal selves, but stay with me for a bit. […]

Catfish, Social Network and Artistic Representations of Digital Culture

There are two films coming out soon that seem to be some of the initial attempts to create narratives specifically from social media, namely the culture that exists within social media and in general online. Both seem to adhere to the William Gibson dystopia version of online culture having negative implications, but to their credit, […]

Seaching for Seo Sang Don 서상돈 with social media

Seo Sang Don (서상돈) is my wife’s great-great grandfather and the subject of numerous posts of mine. Spurred by my wife’s aunt on a recent trip to Montreal, I am going to harness whatever I can from social media to track down the progeny of Seo Sang Don that are scattered across the globe. I […]

Data Visualizations for Twitter & Facebook, Nostalgia and More

The above are a series of data visualizations for my Twitter account showing some of the types of traffic that one can expect there. I find Twitter especially useful for listening, hearing that back chatter that sometimes revolves around a subject. Sometimes you connect here as opposed to other place and it can be quite […]