Liquid learning: audio collected and assembled by the water

Liquidlearning by Michael Gallagher on Mixcloud I apologize for that title, but I really had no idea what to title this post. I included the playlist above (and the tracks are listed at the bottom of this post). I had recorded a few more Audioboo recordings over the weekend and was giving those a listen […]

Yeats, Rainbow Connection, and days of perpetual tourism

Sitting here in London on a dreary Christmas morning, my wife and I lingering in bed reading and writing and studying, I figured it was as good a time as any to jot some notes as the end of the year approaches. By way of background, we don’t have a Christmas tree or lights strewn […]

Faithless’ “Mass Destruction”: Mobility as a musical organizing principle

I reserve the right to post on non-mobile-learning topics from time to time, harkening bark to the origin of this blog many many years ago. From time to time, sometimes I just want to post some music. This is Faithless’ “Mass Destruction”, a track that is a bit dated already (while still topical, mentions of […]

Django Reinhardt and Paris

Django Reinhardt Chanson I just caught myself thinking of Paris this evening, how it gets you reaching down for metaphor only to pull out cliches. It turns everyone around in its splendor. But, Django Reinhardt seemed to get closer than most in the track above. Catching a bit of the chanson, the whimsicality of the […]

Alexander: A Million Years

The track for the day comes from Alexander Ebert, the front man for Edward Sharpe and the Magentic Zeroes (amongst other bands). ┬áJust a pleasant rolling track that seems to come from a different time. It makes me want to court my wife all over again, being all quietly triumphant as it is. That, and […]

Music, not mobile: Telekinesis, Faunts

This post is strictly about a few songs I enjoyed and nothing more. The first song is from a Canadian band, Faunts. Go ahead and click and listen to some synthesized niceness. Good way to kick off/complete your Wednesday. Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.-Faunts The second track is from a band called Telekinesis, a Seattle outfit/individual with a fairly […]

Red River Valley, Rock, and Silicon Teens: Simple, Infectious Melody

For reasons that become clearer to me the older I get, I have always been a bit enamored of the song “Red River Valley”, an old Canadian song (apparently) that has been sung by probably every country musician at least some point in their careers as well as by Garrison Keiler every time he takes […]