Digital Nostalgia: There is no forgetting

Since our discussions of digital culture seem to encapsulate so many emotive elements, it stands to reason that they would include one for nostalgia. In the interests of research bias disclosure, I must forewarn that I am a nostalgic sort. Sitting here knee deep in the throngs of a Princeton autumn lends itself to that, […]

We lost a good friend: Adam Cline

This is part of the reason I was having a tough day. A few weeks after I had reconnected with him after the many years since our finishing school in Dayton, Ohio, a dear friend (one that I had not seen in over 12 years) passed away. His name was Adam Cline and he was […]

My stomach is nostalgic; my head follows like a wagging dog

Even after three years, I miss Seoul. Each and every day. There is nothing I would rather be doing right now than eating 부대찌개, sipping on 매실주 and strolling down 정동길, next to 덕수궁, with Jen arm in arm. When we lived in 서대문, we would just wander home under all the lights of Seoul. […]