Three impressions of Seoul with three different tools: technology as co-creator

I was putting some materials together for a workshop I am doing next week in Helsinki on mobile learning and open space (my normal playlist) and I came across different applications I had used in the past to create compositions on Seoul. I am using composition in the broad sense here: a representation or aggregation […]

From open to learning space: open pedagogy

seOppi Finnish Elearning

After an excruciatingly (for me) long hiatus from this blog, I am back with a recent small piece of writing that Pekka Ihanainen and I did on the nature of open space in learning. It is called from “From open to learning space: steps towards an open pedagogy” and it is just a few pages, […]

Service, security, collaboration: ideas and tools for teaching

Today, some thoughts on the intersection of service, security, sharing, and collaborative learning. I am fully aware of how academia and teaching is a bit of a barter economy. I help you with a paper or project; you return that favor later on (or not, in some cases). I review this; you review that, etc. […]

Open Teaching: Identity, Practice, Tools, Intent

I was working through my syllabus for the upcoming (as in September) semester, taking stock of my research project (which is nearing conclusion) and reflecting on the state of open learning as I see it. I wanted to use this blog as a space for transparent reflection, much as I always do. My research project […]

Open Badges: Why and How

Open Badges: Why and Why Not I have been wanting for some time now to learn how to make and issue open badges as I have been conducting workshops and other research projects over the years where some sort of alternative accreditation of learning would have been beneficial. I am thinking mostly along the lines of […]

Aesthetic literacy: emphasizing process over output in learning

Aesthetic literacy and learning in the open from Michael Gallagher on Vimeo. My colleague Pekka and I recorded a discussion we had the other day on ideas that came out of a recent mind map that he created (shown in the video) based on our previous discussions on learning in the open and the Pedagogy […]

Mobile Learning in the Open and Pedagogies to Support it: Presentations

I recently recorded two presentations on mobile and open learning and I wanted to post these both together in one post as I think they are related. These two presentations are Learning in the (Wide) Open delivered at the Interagency Mobile Learning Webinar Series (#IMLWS) held recently (May 20-22). I spoke, or was supposed to […]