Data Collection, Communication, and Campaigning Tools: Logic and Antecedents

Reposting this here from Panoply Digital so a bit more ICT4D related than the norm. This post is inspired an upcoming workshop we are running in Washington, D.C., along with additional installments in Phnom Penh, Lagos, and Caracas in the coming months. All of these workshops revolve around the use of free or inexpensive tools and technologies […]

SMS Environments for Learning: Flows and mobile learning

I was writing a bit in a previous post about possible SMS applications specifically geared towards formalized learning (like at the university level), how they might be structured, and what range of learning activities they might encompass. It seems like I wasn’t the only one with this thought in mind. That is encouraging. SMS still […]

Creating SMS structures for informal/formal learning tracks: mlearning

Formal and Informal SMS learning environment

SMS: The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated A colleague of mine, Ronda Zelezny-Green of GSMA, recently tweeted the following. Apparently, Zambia telecom Airtel Zambia announced that they will be rolling out a service which will allow users to access their Facebook accounts on their mobile phones without the need to have an active […]

Why texting works: the case for SMS intervention

I thought this was a good infographic for presenting a counter-argument to the commonly held belief that texting is symptomatic of a diminishing sociability in society.  This can be lumped into the whole Facebook/Twitter/etc. is ruining the fabric of our social relationships by embedding our attention in technology. In this instance, and as this infographic […]