Orientation Seoul: mobile augments and disaggregates space; doesn’t negate it

Being a bit of a nomad, I have always ascribed to the belief that location matters less and less with each passing technologicial development, with each communication technology, with each apartment I find myself in. However, while certainly disaggregating the locus of activity (removing the physical location of activity in a group setting via technology) […]

Do you really know Korea? Aka, what it means to be an expat

If this video doesn’t capture everything I love about Korea, I don’t what will. It was referred to me by a former colleague in Korea who mentioned that this is better than anything the Korean National Tourism Office could put out and I am inclined to agree. That isn’t a knock against them; this video […]

Last night in Princeton; reaching deep for Gatsby quotes

“The Middle West now seemed like the ragged edge of the universe”-F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby That is how I view the Midwest as well, my first home. Holds some allure, but the allure of Cantonese, surgery, or imagist poetry; the allure of something you will never fully understand or master. This is perhaps […]

Seoul alleyways

Like I said in the previous post, some serious jetlagged induced insomnia here (posting this at 3:00 AM), but in anticipation of my move to Seoul next month, a return to my home of eight years, I am posting a Flickr slideshow which captures a bit of what I love about the place. Some of […]