There is most certainly something about trains. Perpetual motion. I am wrapping up a trip to the United States for work (New York), friends (New Jersey) and family (Long Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio). Rather than succumb to the malaise of domestic air travel, I decided to take the train from New York to Pittsburgh and now find myself returning the same way. 

I lurch through the Pennsylvania mountains and farther and farther away from family. I feel my normal reservations emerge, my adult identity begins to reconstitute itself with each passing mile. I am no longer with my young nephew, my brother, sisters, parents. I will have a few more days with my father-in-law in Long Island before returning to Seoul via JFK. I will see my wife and I will be myself again, even though I was myself in all these places as well. Just a different kind of self. 

I have slept in six different places, will have traveled close to 16,000 miles once this journey is complete, and have taken almost every conceivable form of transportation. A good journey and one that is drawing to a close. Many thanks to everyone for their hospitality. I am not sure when I can get back, but here is hoping that it is sooner rather than later.

I am never so happy as I am when in motion. I have pictures to prove it

New York: March 2012

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