Having been a Kiva lender for years, it is good to see an educational alternative. Vittana has been getting started for a little while, but has now hit its stride. Microlending for education in developing nations. I just made my first loan to a female student in Jordan. I read her story, learned about her ambitions, and marvel at the opportunity to be able to help her. Certainly worth your time and consideration, especially this holiday season. If you are familiar with Kiva, it works almost exactly the same. $25 for a loan; community collaboration to complete the entire amount. You would be hard pressed to read some of these stories, see the optimism, and remain unmoved.

Education works; it is the only thing that has ever worked to improve an individual’s ability to improve their own future. Education improves earning potential for many in these developing nations by 200-300%. That means it works. Give it a try.

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