It has been a bit since I posted last here, but that isn’t to say I haven’t been posting elsewhere. This, however, is where my heart is, where my name is, and where I will eventually return. For now, however, I am making my way through some exciting events, changes, coursework, etc. that I needed to quickly put down in writing here, if only to organize it in my own head.

1. WISE Awards-I am absolutely amazed that the project I am working on, JSTOR Plant Science, has made it the final rounds of the WISE Awards 2010 competition. WISE stands for World Innovation Summit in Education and it a relatively new event that is drawing in some great names. They honor six initiatives making an impact in education and we are in consideration. Amazing and we are all thrilled. So, I will head off to Doha, Qatar in December for the Summit. I imagine there will be quite a flood of excited posts in the next few months revolving around WISE.

2. Edinburgh-I am making my way through coursework for the University of Edinburgh that is proving quite exciting and this is where most of my blogging energy is being directed (as well as the other two blogs I maintain professionally and personally). The one course, in particular, might be of interest to some as it an exploration of digital culture, online communities, and the like. It is completely open (in terms of access to what we do) so anyone can see my attempts at being academicy. The course is called E-Learning and Digital Cultures and my blog for it can be found here. I imagine I will repost some of those posts here from time to time as they are about as smart as I can sound without a thesaurus.

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    1. Thanks for this, Jon! Quite kind of you. Excited about the conference and the awards, certainly. Heading off in early December. It is quite an impressive lineup so hopefully there will be lots of lessons learned. Will report back here as much as possible.

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