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Open Learning Campus: Theory + Pragmatism

Posted by on Feb 7, 2016 in eLearnings, ICT4D | 0 comments

Reposting here from Panoply Digital. Revisiting the world of education ahead of some workshops we are doing in Nigeria and Cambodia where we discuss using open learning as a professional development strategy, (along with some modules on secure communication, online research, and developing an online presence), I wanted to highlight an organization that has done some good work in this area. The World Bank recently launched the Open Learning Campus, a clearinghouse of sorts for all their open learning materials, courses, and talks. While many organizations are doing this type of thing, a welcome trend, I particularly find the World Bank’s approach to be clever in that they are...

Remixing Narrative Content for a mLearning World and Visualizing the Street

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in eLearnings, Higher Education, Mobile Learning, PhD, Technology, Uncategorized | 4 comments

The Listening of Space: Reimagining The Radio Drama Through Mobile Technology Pekka Ihanainen and I have been advancing ideas gleaned from our other papers and are working towards finding models for the aesthetic literacies we have discussed there. Basically, we are talking about developing pedagogical models for stimulating mobile learning in open spaces and we keep stumbling to the radio drama (narrative fiction) vs. the podcast (as narrative non-fiction). So we submitted a proposal to the Theorizing the Web conference as follows: Mobile technology has placed great pressure on both socialized convention and the methods we use to theorize these conventions. The way we interact with others, with our environment, and...

New forms of authorship and a new project: Composition

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in eLearnings, Higher Education, Mobile Learning, PhD, Technology | 2 comments

[Composition]: Conversations about Content and Form [Composition]: Conversations about Content and Form is a product of an ongoing collaboration with James Lamb of the University of Edinburgh, with whom I have collaborated before on the New Geographies of Learning and Elektronisches Lernen Muzik, projects that explore the role of space in digital education and how music inspires and accompanies scholarly activity, respectively. In this third project, we explore composition itself and how ‘writing’ can reimagined across modes. Basically in this new project we are exploring how academic knowledge can be nudged a bit in the direction of more diverse forms of representation. This project is basically driven by three questions: How...

Data Collection, Communication, and Campaigning Tools: Logic and Antecedents

Posted by on Jan 7, 2016 in eLearnings, ICT4D, Mobile Learning, Technology | 0 comments

Reposting this here from Panoply Digital so a bit more ICT4D related than the norm. This post is inspired an upcoming workshop we are running in Washington, D.C., along with additional installments in Phnom Penh, Lagos, and Caracas in the coming months. All of these workshops revolve around the use of free or inexpensive tools and technologies that can be used to conduct research, communicate that research efficiently, and develop advocacy campaigns as a result of that research. For the more technologically inclined among you, this will not be that groundbreaking a post, but I find for many technology is akin to eating exotic food (however you define exotic): scary, slippery,...

Teaching: Service, Sympathy, Creativity, Discovery

Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in eLearnings, Higher Education, Teaching | 4 comments

It must be something about turning 40 in 2015 that has spawned these reflective posts, but that is where I am so rather than curse the darkness I blog. I just finished my time at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies where I have been proudly employed for the last three years. I left by choice as I needed to steel myself for the coming transition. My wife and I have no idea where we are going next, but we know we need time to make it happen so hence the resignation. I am still working several projects, but those aren’t location specific so time to finish up here in Korea...

Open learning: migratory practice as opposed to problematic structure

Posted by on Dec 12, 2015 in eLearnings, Mobile Learning | 4 comments

This post is essentially an attempt to begin to merge several parallel trains of thought that have been prompted by several projects I have been working on and several works that I have been reading. Again, I turn to the source of most of my inspiration, those people at the Centre for Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh. I will just go ahead and list my sources, at least the ones that have inspired this particular post, in an attempt at full disclosure. The fullest of the full disclosure would have me state that I consider these authors colleagues. The Manifesto for Teaching Online (2016) Bayne S, Knox J,...

Open Learning as Professional Development: Iterating on Organizational Culture

Posted by on Dec 12, 2015 in eLearnings, ICT4D, Mobile Learning, Teaching | 0 comments

I am reposting this here from Panoply Digital. This post emerges from conversations we have been having with clients regarding partner networks, how best to serve them, how best to make use of their technological practices, freely available tools, etc. Several of our clients serve large networks of partner organizations surrounding a particular activity: literacy, public private partnerships, education, and so forth. Often these networks have wildly divergent capacity for attending to these activities. Some with basic knowhow and a reliance on SMS and the occasional social media for all their outreach and advocacy, some with sophisticated tracking tools, advocacy and outreach programmes, and a professional polish to their...

Reversing the flow from the developing to the developed world: mobile learning lessons

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in ICT4D, Mobile Learning | 0 comments

Posting this here, but it originally appeared on the Panoply Digital website. The ICT4D field is proving mature enough in some instances to reverse the flow of informal technology transfer from developed to developing, so much so that it is forcing, at least in my mind, a reconsideration of the term developed and developing. The suggestion that any nation, at any point, has completed a process of development is absurd and antithetical to how Panoply Digital operates. We all have something to learn from everyone else and, more specifically, projects and technologies advanced in one region can benefit those elsewhere. So rather than use this post as a sounding...