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Mobile learning for Syrian refugees: marshaling resources and resilience

Posted by on Sep 21, 2015 in ICT4D, Mobile Learning | 0 comments

I am reposting this here as it originally appeared on the Panoply Digital website. Daily reports of refugees huddled on boats, perilously clamoring to something approaching safety. Some not getting there. Many trapped at borders, at checkpoints, in makeshift camps, behind fences. Approximately 3 million Syrians are now refugees out of a population of around 18 million as of 2014. While the human scale of this tragedy is beyond the scope of my imagination, I can focus on aspects where I might be able to add some value and I again I turn to education. It is one small part of a massive, complex issue, but it is a...

Open research, scholarship and learning resources

Posted by on Sep 6, 2015 in eLearnings, Higher Education, ICT4D, Mobile Learning, Teaching | 0 comments

I had written about the availability of academic research and data for developing nations in my former guise as an information professional years ago; after revisiting that post, I thought it might be worthwhile to update that information here to demonstrate that while much of this research is still behind paywalls, much exists out there that many don’t know about. The way I see it from my limited perspective is that the challenges facing developing nations in regards to scholarship are as follows. Nothing particularly original here on my part, but I include some resources here that might be worthwhile: Access to scholarly materials-knowing what is available, what has been...

ICT4D as revenue generator: complications in serving the underserved

Posted by on Sep 6, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Reading through Alex Deng’s recent article “To Really Help the Global Poor, Create Technology They’ll Pay For”, I was conflicted. While I support many of the basic assumptions of the article, that for many ICT4D projects to scale beyond a pilot, there needs to be some sustainability plan on how those projects will become self-sufficient in the long-term. For many projects, revenue generation will remain an elusive if not impossible goal precisely because they address needs that exist in the spaces between business opportunity. Many will always rely on funding from outside sources, from charitable donations, from volunteer labor of some sort. Yet, Deng has a point; if not...

Academic and Applied Identities: Exclusion and Overlap

Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 in Higher Education, PhD, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Academic vs. Applied: The Twain Met I recently (as in about 7 months ago) started a small consulting organization with like-minded colleagues focusing on mobile and ICT for development (#M4D & #ICT4D), course design, women empowerment and employability issues, developing nations issues, monitoring & evaluation (M&E) and the like. The name of the organization is Panoply Digital, I now link to it from my homepage, and we even sent out a newsletter. We are incorporated in London, have an address and business cards, and a growing list of clients. I also maintain/grow my academic identity in mobile learning, digital education, open learning, and so forth. I near completion of the...

Reflection and sanctuary post-writing: idiosyncratic practices to get my head on straight

Posted by on Jul 17, 2015 in eLearnings, Mobile Learning, Music | 1 comment

Elation, euphoria, and exhaustion: music for (post) e-learning by Elektronicheslernenmuzik on Mixcloud This post is merely an excuse to demonstrate that writing, the actual action of putting text to document (digital or otherwise) is but one stage on a larger continuum of activity. Those pre-writing gestation periods of daydreaming and internal dialogues leading to research and outlining, tinkering and maneuvering into a structure, followed by procrastination and delay (further gestation, if I want to sound optimistic about it), followed by the writing and then the post-writing activity. This is the activity I am addressing here. The post-writing psychology is a mysterious beast. There is elation and trepidation, melancholy and...

Repositioning mlearning and open learning

Posted by on Jul 9, 2015 in eLearnings, Higher Education, Mobile Learning, PhD | 0 comments

I am beginning to realize that I am bit enamored with redefining or repositioning strands of learning that I hold dear. I am also realizing that I am beginning to gravitate towards conceptual or theoretical positions to explain these alterations, perhaps a natural byproduct of my thesis inexorably and glacially drawing to a close. So in my last few publications as well as my thesis (which should explain the radio silence here on this blog), I have been drawing out what I see are natural extensions or redefinitions of mobile learning and open learning. I suspect if someone asked me to position myself and my research, this is where...

MERS mobile surveillance in Korea as extension of social practice: some takeaways for the development community

Posted by on Jun 19, 2015 in ICT4D, Korea, Mobile Learning | 2 comments

Apologies for the absence in writing but most of my efforts have been directed towards creating a small consulting company (LLC to be exact), Panoply Digital, and so I wanted to bring some of that over here to share. It isn’t as pedagogical or academic as what is usually here, but it is where much of my effort is now being focused on so here you are. I still think it begins to explore many of my existing research themes, particularly how technologies are essentially the aggregation and material manifestation of social and cultural practices pervasive in society. Quite a few specific to the Korean context are mentioned in...

Aesthetic Literacy: EURODL Paper and Helsinki Workshop

Posted by on Feb 22, 2015 in eLearnings, Mobile Learning, PhD, Technology | 3 comments

I have just arrived back to Seoul from Helsinki and wanted to share a new article from Pekka Ihanainen and I on aesthetic literacy and its pedagogical application for mobile lifelong learning (mLLL). As serendipity would allow, the paper was published on the same day we were conducting an aesthetic literacy workshop in Helsinki graciously hosted by Otavan Opisto. The workshop slides can be found below and some compositions emerging from the workshop will be discussed in later posts. Aesthetic Literacy Workshop: Helsinki, February 2015 from Michael Sean Gallagher The article was published in the European Journal of Open, Distance, and E-Learning and is cleverly titled Aesthetic Literacy: Observable Phenomena...