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Posted by on Jul 22, 2010

Bodybuilding, Testosterone Boosters, Indigenous Plants, and Poisoning Fish (via )

I wrote this earlier and was amused, if not surprised, by the number of personal trainers, gym owners, and herbal supplemental dealers that immediately started following me on my/my work social networks. Ahh, the power of social media.

Either way, I stand by my caption of the image that Pugnacious Puffy Pants is the greatest name ever.

Incisiones Duae Quibis Brachia Stringuntur
Generally at JSTOR Plant Science, we encourage the investigation of plants for the purposes of food, medicine, religious, ceremonial, and educational purposes. And we certainly encourage our user base to exercise, live healthily, and experience all this fine earth has to offer in terms of its rich biodiversity. That introduction goes by way of revealing that we do monitor search terms, terms that are used both within and outside of JSTOR Plant Sc … Read More


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