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Posted by on Jul 15, 2008

Lusaka Conference Center

The conference started yesterday to much fanfare, including the Minister of Somesuch and a full marching band. They went on playing for close to 30 minutes, time that might have been better spent discussing library matters. I am not a Zambian so I don’t want to pretend to understand. Either way, I would wonder away occasionally from the solitary booth I was manning and wander outside for a second. The conference center is in the middle of the city, a city of over a million people. It looks rural, but it is not. The pictures I took were literally from the door of the conference center; I didn’t walk anywhere to take these photographs.

I am not sure if they were delegates or attendees, but they most definitely didn’t seem interested in Aluka. I tried to hand them a few brochures and they ate them. Quite boorish behavior, if you ask me.

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