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Posted by on Jun 26, 2007

Poetry from my past and the advent of online publishing

In the interest of full disclosure, I give you my poetry from back in 1996, when I was writing pretty consistently with less than brilliant results. This was the beginnings of digital publishing as far as I am concerned and I was at the cusp of it.

I leave you one of the least detestable of the lot. You can clink on the title to go to the website itself.

Forbes and Fifth Avenue

Michael Gallagher

AKA Ode to Pittsburgh

I stand between Forbes and Fifth Avenue

along the curb, rocking myself into oblivion

I reach for the trash and I see the sidewalk, split into sections

of shale, concrete, and newspaper clippings

Old as the city itself

My footprint is sanctimonious

My footprint is simply continuation

of the men and women before me

Struggling to get by, and farther downtown

Perhaps to the Point

where they can feel the river

and it’s playful spray

I trace the steps of a thousand steel workers, I feel the pain of the disgruntled soldiers, I know the degradation of the prostitutes, I despise the envy of the Carnegies, and I witness the weathered face of the infant.

I wonder if they stood here and stared at the cracks in the sidewalk

I wonder if it offered them the same reprieve it offers me

I wonder if they praised anything that let them escape from the smog

and the filth

and the screetching whistle

that reluctantly brought in the laboring work day

I can hear them counting the money that is never enough

or the cumbersome family

or the personal luxuries

I then retire

to the PAT

out to Mount Washington and wait for the sunset to cover

up all my questions and my lack of answers
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  1. beautiful, mikeystede

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