So, after lunch we decided to venture out to Bundang, which is a satellite city of Seoul after 30 kilometers away. We had never been there before so it seemed like a good as place as any. We took the bus and got there and realized it was the middle of nowhere and turned around and came back. The middle of nowhere in a foreign country is not as attractive as say the middle of nowhere in someplace familiar. When it is a foreign country, it just feels like “damn, this is really the middle of nowhere.”

So we turned around and came back and now I am sitting here typing this blog with a mixed drink of vodka and grapefruit juice feeling like a surly explorer of the turn of the previous century, refined, cultured, and accomplished.

Bundang is busto.

Bundang is behind us.

Bundang is my Beatrice.

I am just screwing around. It was a lot of apartment blocks and a bus station on some country highway.

By Michael Gallagher

My name is Michael Sean Gallagher. I am a Lecturer in Digital Education at the Centre for Research in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh. I am Co-Founder and Director of Panoply Digital, a consultancy dedicated to ICT and mobile for development (M4D); we have worked with USAID, GSMA, UN Habitat, Cambridge University and more on education and development projects. I was a researcher on the Near Futures Teaching project, a project that explores how teaching at The University of Edinburgh unfold over the coming decades, as technology, social trends, patterns of mobility, new methods and new media continue to shift what it means to be at university. Previously, I was the Research Associate on the NERC, ESRC, and AHRC Global Challenges Research Fund sponsored GCRF Research for Emergency Aftershock Forecasting (REAR) project. I was an Assistant Professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (한국외국어대학교) in Seoul, Korea. I have also completed a doctorate at University College London (formerly the independent Institute of Education, University of London) on mobile learning in the humanities in Korea.

One thought on “Bundang or bust”
  1. middle of nowhere in a foreign country- it is disappointing, isn’t it?

    or rather, you actually wouldnt be suprised to see tumbleweeds rolling right past your feet as you walk around..

    bundang booyah!

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