This is a personal post as the title might suggest. My wife and I are closing up shop here in Seoul for the umpteenth time. We might be back, but are treating this as if we won’t. I have been here off and on since 1998; she has been here off and on since 1996. That is a long time and I will explore those feelings later, but for now I wanted to post a few bits of media that I have captured over the last few years, from our lovely and sunny apartment on the 24th floor in Mapo overlooking the Han River and from our walks about town. Seoul was never a perfect companion for me, but it was a steadfast and generous one.

First a playlist, then images, then a few videos, all inspired by Seoul. I will miss the view, as the last video patiently presents.

e-amble: sounds for restorative and contemplative walking
This playlist is about the role of walking in my learning process particularly as an expat in Asia. The liner notes can be found here.





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