After returning from Charlotte via Philadelphia Airport late Saturday night, I decided to make more food goodness. I realize with cooking there is no happy medium for me. I either want to eat something out of a can or I want to paint the gastronomic Mona Lisa. So I went the creative route tonight.

On the menu:

1. Beef tenderloin with blue cheese herbed crust
2. Steamed broccoli (simple yet elegant)
3. Mashed potatoes with blue cheese and celery (no lie)

IMG 7252
Michael Gallagher sees food this way

Jen liked it. I liked it. Jen liked that I liked it. I liked that Jen liked it. All is well with the world.
IMG 7248
Jen surveying all that Michael Gallagher has done

But I need to start writing some poetry again. It is just nice to know that I have other avenues to express some creative impulses, even if they never approach Wordsworth, Yeats, Yeats, and, (and notice the Oxford Comma), Leonard Cohen.

IMG 7254
Michael Gallagher bemused by his creation

2 Responses

  1. You know, you and your beautiful wife have to come back to Korea at some point and I would love to meet you. We share tastes, not only in music, but also in cookware, food, wine and even (I believe) in select home furnishings. That wooden box (Ikea?) in your photo has a twin sister in my own home, believe it or not. ^^

    1. That sounds like a deal, Melissa. We are planning on coming next May so we will definitely swing down to Daejon to meet up. I haven’t been there in so long, but I remember liking it quite a bit. I invariably will have to head to Gyeongju as well as I adore that place.

      Good eye with the Le Creuset and even the Ikea box. Our whole apartment is literally Ikea. When we came back from Korea, we rented a UHaul Van, drove there and bought everything for our apartment all in one swoop. My bed, sofa, bookshelves, tables, are all Ikea and I love every bit of it. When is Korea going to get one? They have them in Japan and China.

      It is remarkable how our tastes are intersecting. Maybe at some point a Murphy mixed with a Gallagher somewhere in the great Irish diaspora muddle! Take care, Melissa and I hope everything is going well. I do suspect my wife and I will move back to Korea at some point. Not anytime soon, but we talk about it all the time. Still can’t shake it after 3+years.

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