Thanksgiving has come and gone and I had the opportunity prepare the offal of the bird all by my lonesome. The results were, dare I say, spectacular.

After braising the gizzard, kidneys, heart, and liver at Thanksgiving dinner in a wonderful spice concoction of tandoori powder, garlic salt, black pepper, and the offal’s natural juices, I am prepared to say that offal is wonderful.
By the way, any maybe not that surprisingly, there is a wonderfully comprehensive entry on offal in Wikipedia. I take this single-sentence excerpt from that entry:

Fried-brain sandwiches are a specialty in the Ohio River Valley.

Really? Perhaps it is time for a road trip.

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    1. That is incredible. I actually have really grown to like offal, actually so that little experiment was successful. That recipe you shared looks wonderful and it is definitely something I will try. I am going to follow your blog to get some more recipes for sure. Thanks!

  1. Thank you so much; I’m rather fond of your site as well. Here are a couple more recipies you might like though admittedly I have over 100 on my site amongst other things. A big thing of mine is reducing waste & saving money without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Again thanks & keep up the good work!

  2. My delightful pleasure, little makes me happier than sharing good food & good recipies. Have a great day & keep up the good work.

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