Reflection and sanctuary post-writing: idiosyncratic practices to get my head on straight

Elation, euphoria, and exhaustion: music for (post) e-learning by Elektronicheslernenmuzik on Mixcloud This post is merely an excuse to demonstrate that writing, the actual action of putting text to document (digital or otherwise) is but one stage on a larger continuum of activity. Those pre-writing gestation periods of daydreaming and internal dialogues leading to research […]

Aesthetic Literacy: EURODL Paper and Helsinki Workshop

Aesthetic Literacy workshop

I have just arrived back to Seoul from Helsinki and wanted to share a new article from Pekka Ihanainen and I on aesthetic literacy and its pedagogical application for mobile lifelong learning (mLLL). As serendipity would allow, the paper was published on the same day we were conducting an aesthetic literacy workshop in Helsinki graciously […]

Sounded learning, MOOCs & pedagogy, ethical edtech

Michael Gallagher

I realized that the sheer volume of entries I had on my To Do List in a special section called ‘Writing Ideas’ was actually inhibiting me from writing them, so I decided to approach this slightly differently. As many of these are initial observations and burgeoning ideas, I decided to group them together in a […]

From open to learning space: open pedagogy

seOppi Finnish Elearning

After an excruciatingly (for me) long hiatus from this blog, I am back with a recent small piece of writing that Pekka Ihanainen and I did on the nature of open space in learning. It is called from “From open to learning space: steps towards an open pedagogy” and it is just a few pages, […]

Service, security, collaboration: ideas and tools for teaching

Today, some thoughts on the intersection of service, security, sharing, and collaborative learning. I am fully aware of how academia and teaching is a bit of a barter economy. I help you with a paper or project; you return that favor later on (or not, in some cases). I review this; you review that, etc. […]

Teaching vs. research and MOOC brouhahas

research ethics: MOOCs and private data

I wasn’t going to get involved in this brouhaha involving the #massiveteaching scenario, whatever it plays out to be. There are much smarter people than I commenting and analyzing and getting to the bottom of it. If you need to come up to speed, I might suggest any of these pieces to do so: Dr. […]

Open Badges: Why and How

Open Badges: Why and Why Not I have been wanting for some time now to learn how to make and issue open badges as I have been conducting workshops and other research projects over the years where some sort of alternative accreditation of learning would have been beneficial. I am thinking mostly along the lines of […]