Goodbye, London: My media from 2012-2013


London is a roost for every bird- Benjamin Disraeli I am leaving London next week, heading for a brief stint with family in New York and then off to Seoul, Korea for another year there. So for the umpteenth time I am whittling my life into a suitcase, taking stock of the year, sorting through […]

Designing spaces for memory and (e)learning: Westminster Abbey

I have this tendency to try and slam anything I see into some larger design/learning ethos and this post is no exception. The connections drawn here will be fragile, occasionally nonsensical, and presumably completely unworkable. But the search for metaphor and its application to designed spaces continues. And eventually someone is able to put it […]

Liquid learning: audio collected and assembled by the water

Liquidlearning by Michael Gallagher on Mixcloud I apologize for that title, but I really had no idea what to title this post. I included the playlist above (and the tracks are listed at the bottom of this post). I had recorded a few more Audioboo recordings over the weekend and was giving those a listen […]