Euston Station and Kings Cross Station, London: Sounds of transit and motion

Kings Cross Station, London

Sound and Train Stations: Space and Context I recorded a few more Audioboo posts on my recent travels to Manchester and Cambridge, respectively. I am kicking myself for not recording the train stations of Cambridge and Manchester Piccadilly themselves as the sounds there were completely different than in the beautiful behemoths of Euston and Kings Cross. I am […]

Engaging the material university: (simple) thoughts from a left-handed elearner

Institute of Education, Bloomsbury, London

I have only just begun this PhD program at the Institute of Education, but I thought I would make my whole doctoral process as transparent as possible. This will include things that embarrass me, perhaps embarrass my affiliated institution, and perhaps might be a bit embarrassing for higher education in general. But as I sift through […]

Failure as ambition, success as momentum: what brought me here to London

Tower Bridge, London, UK

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. -Carl Jung This isn’t a post proclaiming from what modest beginnings I started, but it is. I can try and avoid cliche and strive for novelty […]

PhD Research: Vision, Need, Networks, Ego

Tempo visualization

There will probably be quite a few of these posts as I begin this process of doctoral study at the Institute of Education and begin to navigate my way through academia firsthand. I have done a lot of elearning over the years and haven’t been on a physical campus as a student since 1997. 15 […]

Russell Square, London and a big airplane: perspective shift

Being as intrigued as I am by the magical powers of (shifting) perspective in reorganizing thought, I bring you today something that actually startled me as I was using Google Maps’ Satellite View to look for a particular address. I was roaming around the University of London (in Google Maps) looking for a particular address […]