I think I may have convinced my wife that a trip to Seoul next year is an imperative.

2009 has been a difficult year in general on several fronts and travel (or the lack thereof) was a major factor in that. I love to travel and feel most complete and alive when doing so, so the lack of that proves psychologically problematic for me. Nothing too dramatic, but I am just a more contented person when there is a somewhat steady dose of travel mixed in there. 2007 and 2008 were tough to be travel-wise (Seoul, Ireland (x2), Venice, Africa (x5)) but each of those trip were one-offs. I never expected to happen beforehand and never expected them to continue.

So, here I am and the year is winding out and I am itching for a long plane ride and some adventure. Seoul is controlled adventure as we have lived there for so long, but it is adventure regardless and it still feels like home to us. We love Princeton and our time here has been brilliant (it truly is the most aesthetically pleasing place I have ever lived), but we always sigh when we think of Seoul. Such good memories.

Anyhoo, we will be looking to head there in May (perhaps) of next year. We will be doing what we do best, namely revisiting our favorite haunts and restaurants. We will be eating midnight sushi at 노량진역, devouring 매밀파전 at this wonderful place next to the Kyobo Building, and partaking in as much 산낙지 and 동동주 as our bodies will allow.

Mix that in with some wonderful friends from years past and it is a perfect vacation. And now for my favorite part: the planning. This is where I really thrive and I will be using all my tools and technologies to track down the best tickets at the best price. We already know the hotel. It is called the Metro Hotel and it is over in 명동. It is by far the cleanest, nicest and most affordable hotel in Seoul.

Either way, away we go.

Our last meal in Korea before leaving in 2006. It was a truly bittersweet and delicious moment.

Also, I am really enjoying this Flickr photostream. Best restaurants in Korea.

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