Winding down the PhD Journey: Post-Viva Acknowledgments

Gallagher Thesis

I should have written this last week but I successfully defended my thesis at the Institute of Education University College London. It will take a stretch to process all of this, particularly as I am attending to the edits which should keep me occupied for the next month or so. Before I can whittle the […]

Learning trajectories and multimemberships: amoebas and not arrows

Learning Trajectories

Amoebas and not arrows: trajectories and multimemberships In terms of our learning and identity and motivation, we are all amoebas and not arrows. We push on all sides, some more than others. We do not follow straight lines towards predetermined targets. We are gelatinous and not rigid. I am on to the data analysis and […]

Full Graduate Scholarships to Study Masters/PhD in Korea

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

My university, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), is participating in the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP), which offers full scholarships including living expenses, airfare, for graduate students to take a one year Korean language course followed by 2-3 year graduate course in an applicable major.¬†Applications for KGSP through Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and […]

Ideas and identities in liminality

Inspired by the collective intelligence of my network (awe-inspired is probably more accurate), I have been thinking a bit about ideas and the creative process, motivation, and the effect of all of this on identity. Identities and Fence Straddling: Liminality I have to admit that academically and intellectually I have tended to steer clear from […]

Motivations for Research Change: the Korean context

Korean Humanities

As a result of my successful upgrade at the Institute of Education, the feedback I received from my upgraders and advisors, and the results and adjustments from my pilot study, I have been rewriting a bit of my thesis. A lot of the rewrites have been to the introductory bits as I try and establish […]

Iterations of (PhD) research proposals and advice: from 2010 to now

I was just looking through my old folders on the request of a friend who was thinking about applying to doctoral school. He wanted some examples of doctoral research proposals and I dug mine up from Columbia, Cambridge, NYU, Institute of Education and University of Edinburgh. All in all, I had written like three distinct […]