I have nothing original to add to this video aside from the person who posted it to YouTube. It is a video of Korea at the turn of the 20th century just as it was being severed a bit from its past. Just beautiful.


According to Transforming Art

This 3-minutes film footage was made by Burton Holmes, An American explorer and writer who visited in Korea in 1901 (and 1912). This is the oldest surviving film footage that contains the scenery of Korea. In this footage, We can see some places in Seoul, which are still remained today. After the Original footage is over, I will put some slide shows, comparing past & present of some places & people.

The Music is A Crossover tune with Guitar and Dae-Gum, a type of Korean flute. The Music is entitled ‘The Way to Sampo(Korean; 삼포가는 길)’, composed by Yeong-Dong Kim. It is a main theme music of the film named ‘The Way to Sampo'(1975).

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