I want to confess that I am a huge Sugar fan. I love Husker Du as well, but let me stress that the Bob Mould-led trio of Sugar was the essence of everything I listened to in high school (circa 1992-1993 in particular). Sugar’s album Copper Blue was one of the greatest albums of my youth and I literally bought it for the fifth time at Princeton Record Exchange about six months ago.* Why five times? Clumsiness, trust in friends to return it, and general carelessness on my parts when moving from place to place (thank you Korean Post).

I remember falling for a girl simply because she loved Sugar, but that was then (1994). Now is now and my love for Sugar is eternal, knowing no limits or bounds. So, in the spirit of cooperative friendship I bring you a few tracks from an EP they released immediately after Copper Blue. Click to listen, but be sure to enjoy.

Sugar-JC Auto

* Princeton Record Exchange is an amazing record store full of young kids working the store who think they know all about all things hip only to shudder when you walk to the cashier with five CDs from their bargain bin ranging from Manu Chao to George Gershwin. Generally, they think they personally discovered ‘music’, but I don’t argue as I love their selection. I chuckle as they struggle to come to grips with their pseudo-counter-culturalism’s resistance to swiping my credit card and I giggle more when they disdainfully give me the slip to sign. But it is all worth it. Truly one of the last great record stores. Even the New York Times think so. Give the article a read.

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