I am working with a few colleagues from the University of Edinburgh on a project (elernenmuzik) exploring the role of music and sound in elearning. In fact, a recent conversation I had with them at the AoIR Conference in Manchester provided a good chance for us to meet and reminisce into the wee hours of the night (wee for me) about music and this project. For this project, I recently compiled the playlist below, which contains tracks that I tend to listen to when I have completed any of the following:

    a large piece of writing (just finished one today)
    an end of term elearning assignment
    some creative multimodal project or piece of work
    some other (e)milestone

I find that these projects create sensations not unlike an artist or musician or novelist might experience. They are creative endeavors that push open the boundaries a bit in one’s mind about what is possible. The pure joy of creation, even if measured against academic authority. Elation at having completed something, created something. I tend to load up a playlist and go for a walk when I am done with these projects. I listen to many of these tracks. And then I grow tired.

I found that as I was compiling this playlist and mixing it a bit in Garage Band, I noticed the ebb and flow. The beginning was triumphant, elated, full of energy and rhythmic progression. The middle parts waned a bit. The end was a search for home, for my wife, for some nostalgic centering, grounding. It followed the path of an artistic enterprise. Elation at creation, a certain wistful melancholy comprehending the fact that it is over. Luckily, there are always more projects, more papers, and more creation to be had. Enjoy.

[gigya src=”www.mixcloud.com/media/swf/player/mixcloudLoader.swf?feed=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mixcloud.com%2FElektronichesLernenMuzik%2Felation-euphoria-and-exhaustion-music-for-post-e-learning%2F&embed_uuid=fc249881-8cfa-4cb2-8cca-7ffd366d9eb8&stylecolor=&embed_type=widget_standard” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”opaque” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”480″ height=”480″ ]

By Michael Gallagher

My name is Michael Sean Gallagher. I am a Lecturer in Digital Education at the Centre for Research in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh. I am Co-Founder and Director of Panoply Digital, a consultancy dedicated to ICT and mobile for development (M4D); we have worked with USAID, GSMA, UN Habitat, Cambridge University and more on education and development projects. I was a researcher on the Near Futures Teaching project, a project that explores how teaching at The University of Edinburgh unfold over the coming decades, as technology, social trends, patterns of mobility, new methods and new media continue to shift what it means to be at university. Previously, I was the Research Associate on the NERC, ESRC, and AHRC Global Challenges Research Fund sponsored GCRF Research for Emergency Aftershock Forecasting (REAR) project. I was an Assistant Professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (한국외국어대학교) in Seoul, Korea. I have also completed a doctorate at University College London (formerly the independent Institute of Education, University of London) on mobile learning in the humanities in Korea.

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