Just a short post for the day outlining some work by a colleague of mine from the University of Edinburgh looking at some important considerations about elearning, both from a teaching and learning perspective.

Manifesto for Teaching Online Remix

James Lamb recently remixed a video for a university of Edinburgh production of A Manifesto for Teaching Online. It was originally published in 2012 (I believe) but James took it upon himself to remix it in keeping with a more multimodal approach. The advice it presents is still considerably sound (and unfortunately still overlooked by many). Well worth a look.

A Manifesto for teaching online (2013 remix) from james858499 on Vimeo.

Edinspace: Postcard Map

Another image that James created via Thinglink was the map for the Edinspace project, which was a project we worked on together in 2011-2012 that explored how students in the elearning program at Edinburgh engaged with the university and how that was expressed without direct contact with the physical geography. It was a great experience for both of us and I still draw on it, most notably in the methodological design of my PhD study. It really helped me understand the role of a creative methodology in fairly ‘fuzzy’ answering research questions.  A visual methodology is something I am exploring further, but much of that inspiration came from this project.

These are maps of the multimodal postcards we received from the Edinspace project.

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